MARGINS Developments

Upholding its reputation as an upcoming and progressive property developer, Margins Corporation for Development and Project Management was established to redefine and create impactful entities that base their success on innovation, up to date designs, safety approaches, and global standard construction systems.

Through a team of dedicated and quality expert architects, engineers, construction experts, and real estate professionals in the fields of development and contracting, Margins Developments had been established to envision and actualize sustainable human design solutions that sets the company apart from any competition as it has worked to be an exclusively integrative and globally certified entity.

Committed to delivering excellence through signature ‘health first’ buildings that promote personal wellbeing, environmental design awareness, and complete inclusivity, Margins promotes its distinctively designed buildings and spaces that endorse aesthetics, dynamism and are eco-friendly for its occupants and tenants

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Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering from Cairo University

message from the chairman

We strive to be on the top of the field’s innovators, in every step we take, there’s always a plan that we want to collaborate with the pioneers in every field to ensure quality. That’s why we’re always hand in hand with auspicious international companies in every field to provide the customer in Egypt with remarkable international experience in all our projects.


Bachelor Degree in Architectural Engineering from Cairo University

message from the CEO

Providing quality with the safest measures is what every other developer thinks about while we, on the other hand, are giving our people a whole experience, we think about the tiniest detail in every design in order to make every project, the ideal project. The world is taking a different direction to establish sustainability in distinct projects, that’s the direction we’re bringing to our projects in Egypt.

Our Partners


To be a world-class Real Estate Development company.

As we are committed to prioritize our customer contentment levels, we see our customer as a main pillar in our success journey. we understand the importance of human centric architecture, design aesthetics and building a suitable community in which all the amenities come together for the sole reason of reaching impressive levels of customer satisfaction. As such, we aim to establish ourselves as a world class Real Estate Development Company in the MENA region.


As an evolving real estate development company in a field that undergoes continuous development, it is our mission to continuously improve our performance to surpass previous achievements; we aim to deliver impeccable establishments by applying exceptional architectural, administrative and corporate strategies that prioritize wellness, whether it is within our company or our developed communities.
Our projects mobilize an unconditional vision of life across an attractive and evergrowing portfolio of specialized properties. With skyline-defining architecture, an up to date take on interiors and our focus on seamless amenities and services; we are committed to developing destinations that are both authentic and bench-mark standard

Corporate Integrity

By being transparent and straightforward. We say what we mean, and mean what we say. Margins Developments takes pride in its integrity; promoting balanced constructions and buildings that are optimized towards optimum wellbeing.

Valuing people

We care about people and place value on cooperating, and assisting our community; hence we take strides to bridge the gap between both our company and our valued tenants

Seizing opportunities

Margins Developments is always open to new opportunities and original ideas. We are keen for flexible and creative approaches that draw the guidelines on ways to upcoming novel endeavors..

Pursuing Excellence

We strive to be the very best in the field, by focusing on always producing the highest safety standard and quality product possible. Margins Developments ensures excellence as a staple priority to its success.

Helping our people

Just as we develop in lands, we develop in the community we live in. we aim to give back to the people by improving our strategies whenever we can in order to have a hand in a productive environment.